• Rick Gary in the Morning

    Rick Gary is now joined by News Channel 9 anchor Christie Casciano! They’ve worked together over the years & are having a fun time in the morning starting your day! On the air from 6am to 10am , Rick Gary digs into his “records” for the Wayback Playback in the 6am hour, shares entertainment news in the 7am hour, walks his faithful dog Ringo in between all the music and then keeps you updated in the 8am and 9am hours. Rick likes to post silly stuff on Facebook too. So tune in and connect on Facebook with Sunny 102.

  • Your Smart Speaker Is Your Radio!

    If you have an Amazon smart speaker in your home, use it as a radio and listen to Sunny 102! Just once, set it up by saying “Alexa, enable Sunny 102” Then when you want to listen, you  say “Alexa! Open Sunny 102”

  • Sunny 102 at 102.1 and 106.1 in Oswego!

    Two places on your radio dial! Sunny 102 at 102.1 and if you’re in the Oswego area, use 106.1! So if you’re a road warrior, we’ll take two of your pre-set buttons on your car radio please! 

  • Wayback Playback

    Mornings at 6:40am Rick Gary plays a song from his special stash of 45’s. One hits, wild, wacky and just plain fun stuff! Yeah he still has his records! It’s the “Wayback Playback”. Go right ahead and make a request waybackplayback@sunnysyracuse.com

  • Take Sunny 102 Everywhere!

    If you use a smartphone, download our free app and take us with you everywhere!. Sunny 102 has a version for both iPhones and Android phones in your app store. The app will let you listen to Sunny 102 wherever you travel!


  • Sunny 102 Supports The Food Bank Of CNY

    Sunny 102 is proud to support the Food Bank of Central New York all year long. This time of year, after the holidays, can be difficult. Please donate what you can to help keep the Food Bank stocked for local families. Visit their website for more info, www.foodbankcny.org/

  • Gallery

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