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Food & Milk Giveaway

4/20 1 to 2 pm or until Supplies Run out
Drive Thru only, No Walk Ups Please. Please remain in your vehicle and Open Your trunks for Food and Milk products. All Health & Safety Guidelines will be in place. Shoppingtown Mall, 3649 Erie Blvd.

Drive Thru Chicken & Biscuits Dinner

Brewerton United Methodist Church hosts a drive-thru Chicken & Biscuits dinner, Saturday April 24, 2021, starting 4:30pm until sold out. 5395 Orangeport Rd. Enjoy delicious chicken & biscuits with gravy, coleslaw, green beans, and cake for dessert! All for just $10 per dinner. All are welcome!

Brewerton UMC – 5395 Orangeport Rd., Brewerton, NY

04:30 PM – 06:00 PM


2021 Mail Check Cards/Onondaga County Board of Elections

The Onondaga County Board of Elections will be mailing out to active voters cards to verify their addresses and to notify voters of this year’s Election days and polling locations.
Voters are to keep their cards and bring with them on Election days for faster check in. Go to of call 315-435-8683 or email for more details.

Music for the Mission


Music for the Mission is a non profit organization formed by Joe Stanley of Joe Stanley Law and his team 4 years ago. They partner with and support organizations such as the Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, ARISE, Urban Mission and more.

People have lost their homes. They’ve lost their jobs, their livelihoods, their dignity. Look at the person sitting next to you. This person is educated, bright, maybe lives in the suburbs, supports a family of four.One misstep and your neighbor could be reaching out to The Mission next month for help. There are many wonderful causes and charities you and your business can donate to. Today we ask you to consider helping to fulfill the most basic of human needs: food and shelter.


“We’ll keep fighting and doing everything we can to get this man what he rightfully deserves… his own identity!” says Joe Stanley. “There are countless stories I’ve learned and I’ve worked to help make right or make some measure of difference over the years. We have to put a face on the homeless and the hungry. It’s not just happening to ‘that guy or that bum’. Many of these people had productive lives, families, homes. A loss of a job, a bad divorce, the loss of a spouse, there are so many reasons why this happens to someone. No one is immune! You just can’t sit back and think ‘it’ll never happen to me’.


Let’s fight this together because that is the only way we will win this battle!


Joe Stanley

Founder of Music For The Mission

To learn more about this organization and learn of upcoming events please go to!blog/c97


3/17  5 to 8 pm

Admission is free every 3rd Thursday of every month! Free docent tour at 6 pm. Everson Museum, 401 Harrison St.