The Video That All Parents Will Find QUITE Relatable

January 12, 2015

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, then you’re probably all too familiar with the “where do babies come from?” talk that you had to have with your kids or grandkids at some point. It’s awkward, it’s funny, and now it’s been captured on camera as a site called The Cut filmed parents trying to break down the logistics of the birds and the bees for their kids.

There are plenty of cringe-worthy moments, and also some really funny ones. Click here to watch, laugh, and reflect on your own similar conversation as these kids get their first lesson on the facts of life.

This Video of Owners Skyping with Their Dogs is a Must-Watch.

January 05, 2015

If you’ve ever Skyped with your pet while you’re out of town, turns out you’re in good company. In this new video (discovered via People), you see a compilation of owners Skyping with their furry friends. But instead of just searching for the source of the sound and losing interest, these pups quickly respond in an adorable way. Check out the video below. My personal favorite? The German Shepherd at the 2:55 mark. Adorable.


Traveling for the Holidays? Want Some Entertainment? This is Exactly What You Need.

Posted by Lauren the Web Girl on December 19, 2014

Are you traveling to go see family or friends over the holidays? In need of some entertainment, preferably the kind that requires headphones so you can drown out chatty airplane seat neighbors or fighting kids? Then you’ll want to check out a podcast called “Serial.” It’s a new phenomenon that has people absolutely hooked, and if you love true crime dramas and great reporting, you’ll be just as fascinated.

Here’s the description of the podcast from the “Serial” website:

On January 13, 1999, Adnan Syed was a hurt and vengeful ex-boyfriend who carried out a premeditated murder. Or he was a bewildered bystander, framed for a crime he could never have committed. After 15 months of reporting, we take out everything we’ve got – interviews and documents and police reports – we shake it all out, and we see what sticks.

“Serial” is a spinoff from the creators of “This American Life” , so if you’re a fan of that podcast, you’ll probably enjoy this too. If you want to get started, check out Episode 1 here. Warning: you’ll probably become addicted. But in the best way possible.


Ready to Make Some Cookies This Holiday Season? Check Out These Unique Recipes

Posted by Lauren the Web Girl on December 08, 2014

Are you doing a cookie exchange this holiday season? Looking to send something delicious and homemade to friends or family? Skip the basic chocolate chip recipe and try one of these unique creations. Just don’t blame us when you immediately get requests for more goodies:

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oreos? Tasty. Chocolate Chip cookies? Very tasty. Combine them together using this recipe and you’ve got a delectable treat.

Red Velvet Cookies with a Cream Cheese Swirl

Red velvet recipes are perfect for this time of year, and the cream cheese swirl makes this recipe tangy and delicious.

Two-Tone Cinnamon Cookies

These cookies look festive and fun, and taste equally amazing. They’re perfect if you’re looking to impress guests at a holiday party.

Stained Glass Ornament Cookies

Another great option when you really want to “wow” party guests or are looking to give cookies as a gift this year. They look complicated, but are surprisingly easy to make.

Raspberry Almond Linzer Cookies

This is a classic Christmas cookie recipe that’s sure to be a hit at your party.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie recipe? Share it with us in the comments!

The Perfect Video To Get You Ready for Thanksgiving

November 24, 2014

You may be familiar with the Holderness family. They’re the impossibly put together clan that puts out parody songs such as “Baby Got Class” and “Xmas Jammies.” Now they’re back, just in time for Thanksgiving, with this song “All About That Baste.” It’s a parody of a popular song “All About That Bass” but we think this version is even better, especially as you prep for the holiday. Check it out below: