DIY: Old into New

August 06, 2015

This re-purpose was 100% inspired by Selma at Behind the Iron Gates. Right when I walked in the door I saw this beautiful piece she had made herself with a piece of old wood and a couple vintage bottles. From that point I went scouring around the store looking for some sort of old piece of wood. That’s when I found an old level, and decided I would make what Selma did, but with this level. What to call this project, I’m not too sure. There’s also over a hundred old bottles to choose from at Behind the Iron Gates.

Here’s how I re-purposed old items into a cool wall piece in literally less than 10 minutes:

You’ll need:

  • E6000 glue
  • old bottles
  • some kind of piece of wood (get creative)
  • flowers for the vases
  • Twine to hang


1. Glue the bottles

Simple as that, spread the glue on the edges that will touch the wood. Lay it in a flat place for a couple hours (just to completely insure it’s dry)












2. Add the flowers

I got these wheat and other dried flowers from the side of the road, not gunna lie. You can also use fresh flowers and change it out (but cleaning the vase might be tricky), or you can use fake flowers from a craft store.


2. Hang the piece

This was heavy enough to need a nail in the wall. Depending on what type of wood you find (maybe a piece of pallet wood?) you can attached twine to the back side and staple it, or this piece had an already built in hole which made it easy to hang.


Here’s the final project!



DIY: Doily Wreath

August 03, 2015

Tasked to come up with a craft from Behind The Iron Gates, I went into the store with some ideas, but walked out with even better inspiration.

First of all Selma, the owner of Behind The Iron Gates, was so friendly and willing to help me conjure up ideas! She’s a creative mind that not only loves antiques, but loves re-purposing them for fun!

Behind the Iron Gates is located at 1818 West Genesee St in Syracuse in a restored historic house, with rooms after rooms of treasures and antiques. The first room that peaked my interest was the linen room where the possibilities were endless!

For today’s craft I came up with a doily wreath with antique broaches, all of which you can buy at Behind the Iron Gates.


Here’s how I made it in literally less than 10 minutes…


You’ll need:

7-10 doilies from Behind the Iron Gates

Straw wreath (Michaels had for $5.99 but don’t forget a coupon!)

Antique broaches from Behind the Iron Gates

Pins (Under $4 at Michaels)

An old white curtain or a half yard of fabric (I used white)












1. Cut the fabric

I had an old sheer curtain in my closet so I cut that into about 5 strips 4” wide. That will make it so the whole wreath is covered under the doilies. It in NO way needs to be completely straight because you’ll end up covering up the edges anyways.












2. Pin the fabric

Just start wrapping the fabric around the wreath. You’ll pin the first two edges, and then pin the last two edges once you’ve wrapped that piece around. Wrap and repeat.












3. Layout the doilies

You’ll wanna map out how you want to doilies to be on the wreath. I didn’t get ALL white doilies because I wanted the texture, so you’ll see I had multiple colors/even stained doilies – doesn’t matter! Once it’s all together, it looks great.


4. Pin the doilies

Once you’ve got them all laid out and a look in mind, start pinning! I pinned down the bigger ones first, and then laid over the more detailed doilies. You’ll use 2-3 pins per doily. Stretch them as far as they’ll go so that you have maximum space covered and they arn’t lose and floppy. I used the pearl pins so if I had to I could have them on the front and it wouldn’t look terrible, but the way it all laid out, I was able to hide all the pins on the back.

























5. Finishing touches

Once you’ve got the whole thing wrapped in doilies, the last step is to add the broaches and how you’ll hang it! To hang this one, I saved one long rectangle doily. I folded it in half and it coincidentally just hung very easily. If you can’t get your hands on a rectangle doily, you could use twine, burlap or a piece of whatever fabric you used underneath. To secure it you can either sew it at the top or maybe even use one of the broaches!

Adding the broaches was literally the hardest part of this whole project. Not actually adding them, because all you do for that is just stick in the These broaches from Behind the Iron Gates were just SO beautiful, I just could NOT figure out where I wanted them. I consulted several craft friends, and we were all as equally puzzled. Here were some of my options…













































I ended up going with this as the result and present to you, my doily wreath!




This Guy Took His Parents’ Nagging and Made it Into a Hilarious Cartoon

March 25, 2015

Nagging parents: we’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been the one nagging, the one being nagged, or all of the above, it’s a rite of passage that every young adult has to go through. But most of us don’t think to record it, then animate it for others’ viewing pleasure like Mike Cohen did. From the ages of 12 to 28, Cohen stealthily recorded his parents’ daily complaints (mostly about his untidy room). Then, years later, Cohen turned this ordinary yet amusing dialogue into a cartoon.

Sound all too familiar? Check it out here via The Huffington Post. 

Check Out These Famous On-Screen Couples Who Actually Didn’t Get Along

Posted by Lauren the Web Girl on February 24, 2015

Film and TV classics such as “I Love Lucy” and “Dirty Dancing” are filled with some great on-screen chemistry between the actors. But because of their talents, sometimes you assume that these people get along when the camera stops rolling too, even when this isn’t always the case. This new article from The Huffington Post features some surprising revelations about tension behind-the-scenes that we’d have NEVER picked up on otherwise. I mean who would have suspected that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze sometimes sparred in between takes? Check out the rest of the list here.

If Your Partner Snores, You Can Relate to This…

February 11, 2015

Unfortunately, most of us have been there. You’re trying to get a good night’s rest but your partner’s earth-shaking snores make it hard to do anything but lie awake and stare at the ceiling. Instead of just sitting there with a pillow over his head, this guy got creative. He realized his wife’s snores rivaled that of any jet engine, so he decided to add in some props and create a video with her snores as the soundtrack. Check out the final results below. Even if you’re a snorer yourself, you have to admit this is pretty funny: