Destiny USA Adventures: Wonder Works!

November 21, 2012

While some 20 somethings are out at the bar on a Saturday night, I found myself at Wonder Works.  I went into it with no idea what it was, all I knew was the outside looks upside down. Wonder Works is actually similar to the Most, with less emphasis on education, more emphasis on interactive games. For around $24 you get a day pass to come and go as you please. You start out by walking through a trippy “fun house” tunnel, where you feel like you literally are turning upside down, but you’re really not moving at all. Then, you walk into the fun stuff! There’s a hurricane room with 74mph winds, a basketball shooting competition, you can lay on a bed of nails (literally), do an astronaut simulator, a rollercoaster simulator, play a lifesize piono, a 4D movie room, a bubble area and games galore. There are scientific games, but then there are also just plain fun games. For a couple big kids, it took us about 2 hours to go through everything – but I can imagine we coulda done a couple more things twice! Wonder Works is a great place for small kids, and big kids like myself – and a great addition to the new DESTINY USA mall!

Next adventure at the mall is the ROPE COURSE, which is suspended over two stories!

Destiny USA Adventures: Pole Position Raceway

November 18, 2012

Pole Position Raceway (go-karts) was FUN! I went with a group of friends, and we all have the competitive edge – so there was much anticipation to see who would come out on top. For one race it came out to be around $28, but it felt like money well spent. After about a 15 minute wait (I believe it is usually longer, and you can call ahead for reservations) we all watched a safety video and suited up with some heavy duty helmets – and off we go! While I would love to win in anything I do, I also like to be safe, so as all other 12 people were racing off, I found my own pace (last place HAHA). At one point, I thought to myself, “this feels like I’m in a video game!” – and it really did! The car was fast, the corners were sharp, and there were even employee’s waving flags! In case you’re interested in bringing kids, there are kid races as well – this means smaller cars, and less competition – so safer! After the race was over, we all definitely left there wanting to do it again.

Next adventure at the mall is Wonder Works!

Destiny USA Adventures: The Melting Pot

November 11, 2012

The Melting Pot is a great place to go for cocktails, on a romantic date or even dinner with friends – just make sure you have a deep pocket book. When the restaurant first opened, the tables were all booked for weeks! I didn’t let that stop me though, I went anyways looking for a spot to eat. Luckily I found out that you can sit at the bar without a reservation – so after a 15 minute wait, we were sitting at the bar enjoying cocktails and picking out what we were going to eat! We went with the 3 course meal for two, and it wasn’t a mistake. The cheese course was great (but how can you go wrong with cheese?), it comes with breads and veggies to dip. The meat course was surprisingly good as well, the best part was the 5 or so different dips they give you for the meat. Plus, the duck was phenomenal! Lastly was the chocolate course (again, how can you go wrong with chocolate?) and that was a perfect way to end the meal with cheesecake, marshmallows and cake to dip. I would definitely say the Melting Pot is an “experience” dinner, meaning – you go to enjoy the time with company of friends, you don’t go to rush in and out, and thats an ok thing! My one tip for the Melting Pot, make sure they turn the heat down on the burner for the chocolate, ours got a little burned.

Next adventure: Pole Position Raceway!

Oh Sandy!

October 29, 2012

Say what you will about the impending storm Sandy, but when I walked into Wegman’s last night and this was the scene – I started to take it very seriously.

No more water at Wegmans! And the ice was flying off the shelf too!

So I started to think… “Maybe I shouldn’t buy any freezer items tonight, just in case…” or “Why don’t people just buy juice instead?”

Reality is, if the power is out, and you have a house full of kids – I’m hoping you’re prepared! Water, flashlights, candles, food, batteries, and maybe even some board games too… but what else would a person need? Me, I’d need a fully charged Nook, phone and computer – because surviving with no power can’t happen without hourly updates from friends on Facebook.

No matter what happens, be careful out there everyone! If you’re driving, be cautious. Trees will be down, we’re expecting a ton of rain, power may be out and the wind will be strong.


TIP: Peeling Pomegranates

October 28, 2012

I took a trip to Wegmans tonight to pick up some groceries and noticed pomegranates must be in season, because there are plenty – and at 2 for $5, I figured I’d pick a couple up. Here’s the hitch, seeding a pomegranate is THE most time consuming thing – if you’ve ever tried, you know what I mean. The yellow skin sticks to all the seeds- and sometimes it can literally take 25 minutes to seed a pomegranate and you’re left wondering if it was really worth the hastle. Well, don’t fear I am going to change your world- or at least save you some time seeding pomegranates.


Step 1: Fill a large bowl with water

Step 2: Cut pomegranate in 4 sections

Step 3: Submerge one section on fruit in water, and start peeling the seeds out of the casing. The seeds will sink and the yellow skin will float.

Step 4: Repeat

Step 5: Strain with your hands the yellow skin out of the water

Step 6: Strain seeds and store


Total time: 10 minutes max

PROBLEM SOLVED! Now, we can all finally eat some pomegranates and all the nutritional benefits they hold!