What happens in Vegas….

Posted by Steve Kelley on January 19, 2012

… probably won’t stay there!   I’m taking a trip there, but I WILL come back and tell you about it!  After all, I’m not quite as wild and crazy as those guys in the Hangover movies!  End of February.  Flying in to Vegas, staying a couple nights there ($35 a night at the Excalibur plus free buffets– what a deal!)   Then, well, I always wanted to see the Grand Canyon so I’m thinkin’ about taking one of those Helicopter tours.  Goes down in to the canyon.  Have you ever done that?  What did you think?  Write to me on our Facebo0k page or send me an e-mail if you can.  Any other ideas for a single guy who’s got two nights in Vegas?  I know, that ‘s a loaded question!!   From there I’m going to visit an Aunt and Uncle that I haven’t seen in 30 years in Arizona.   Then to the Hoover Dam, do my impression of Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation… will take the ‘dam’ tour, I’ll be sure not to ‘wander off the dam tour’, and I’ll ask all the ‘dam’ questions I can think of.  Planning to drive on some of the old route 66… then drive over to CA…  spend a couple days with a good friend there, cruise around LA with her and be tourists…  maybe have lunch with a star in Hollywood!  Hey, it could happen!!  Should be great fun!  Any ideas, let me know.  Thanks.  (steve kelley)