Todd Hobin

Posted by Big Mike on September 16, 2011

Todd Hobin gave a solo performance at LeMoyne College on Wednesday night. It was the
gala opening of The Music at LeMoyne Concert Series. I LOVED the show, even
dreamt about it that night. I’ve seen Bruce Sprinsteen, Elton John, Billy Joel,
Dan Fogelberg and Styx in concert (some of my favorites). I’ve also seen the
Stones, the Police, the Who, Dylan (three times), and many more. Todd’s concert
was up there as one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. He sounded perfect,
in great voice, playing guitar and grand piano. It was a pleasure to be able to
listen to Todd sing some wonderful songs.

In particular, there was one he wrote about his sister. Todd said he rarely
performs it. Apparently, his sister was blind and is only a memory to him now.
The tune was stunning … when it was over the entire audience was mesmerized,
waiting a few beats to applaud as we felt those beautiful words needed a moment
to reflect. There were a few moments like that during the night.

It was a moving experience yet a very FUN show … even some of the comments were like
Todd doing stand-up.

I’ve know Todd for many years. He’s been on my radio show many times, we’ve worked on
recording Christmas albums and more, we’ve appeared on the same stage at a
number of community events, shared cigars and laughs too many times to remember…

But at that LeMoyne show I wasn’t watching a great friend; I was enjoying
the creative efforts of a great artist.

Yes, a wonderful night and Todd: thank you very much!