TIP: Peeling Pomegranates

October 28, 2012

I took a trip to Wegmans tonight to pick up some groceries and noticed pomegranates must be in season, because there are plenty – and at 2 for $5, I figured I’d pick a couple up. Here’s the hitch, seeding a pomegranate is THE most time consuming thing – if you’ve ever tried, you know what I mean. The yellow skin sticks to all the seeds- and sometimes it can literally take 25 minutes to seed a pomegranate and you’re left wondering if it was really worth the hastle. Well, don’t fear I am going to change your world- or at least save you some time seeding pomegranates.


Step 1: Fill a large bowl with water

Step 2: Cut pomegranate in 4 sections

Step 3: Submerge one section on fruit in water, and start peeling the seeds out of the casing. The seeds will sink and the yellow skin will float.

Step 4: Repeat

Step 5: Strain with your hands the yellow skin out of the water

Step 6: Strain seeds and store


Total time: 10 minutes max

PROBLEM SOLVED! Now, we can all finally eat some pomegranates and all the nutritional benefits they hold!