Time To Go To School

Posted by Big Mike on September 05, 2011

I have to admit I wasn’t the easiest kid to wake up when I had to go to school.  My mom would start with a little poke, a push, sing a “good morning” song, clap her hands, sing a little louder, play a harmonica, blast a bugle and finally shake me and shout: “MICHAEL!! YOU GOTTA GO TO SCHOOL AND GET SMART. GET UP!!!”

I grew up in a housing project in the Bronx and the walls were thin so I got to hear what was happening next door.  My neighbor Jay Feldman had his bed right on the other side of the wall (sometimes we would tap at night to communicate).  He always got up without any commotion or crazy yelling.  He loved school, was a terrific student and eventually became a doctor.  Today Feldman probably sleeps as late as he wants and I get up at 3:00AM to get ready for my morning show, the wake-up show.  Kind of ironic. Well, as we begin another school year I wish all kids, teachers and workers the best!