The nose knows

June 29, 2013

Okay, stay with me on this, because it may seem out of left field..but…

I love the smell of the building where our studios are situated.  It’s probably something used by our most excellent cleaning crew, a husband and wife team who I see when I stop by late at night.  The smell is hard to describe, but it’s one that for some reason has a calming influence on me.  Having worked as a part-time weekend on air guy at Sunny (along with morning newsman until moving to the PR world last year) I’ve spent many weekend hours here at the Sunny studios.  It’s a job I’ve enjoyed, because of the fact I get paid to listen to some of my favorite songs.  I’m very lucky indeed, since I get the privilege of being allowed an audience on a commercial radio station, but also, because I enjoy what I do.  That being said, I always equate the fragrance of the station (the smell when I enter the building) as one that has a calming, soothing effect on me.  Strange, I know, but it’s something I’ve come to notice over the past few months.  We all know there are certain songs that immediately take you back to a different time in your life.  That’s part of the allure of the music our station features.  But I believe the olfactory memory triggers can be just as strong.  Perhaps this is why the station calms me, because it makes me recall simple weekend afternoons, listening to my favorite music.   The nose knows indeed!