PIN IT! Crayon Art

September 26, 2012

Pinterest is a new thing to me, in fact – this was my first creation! There are some people who are pinning all day long, but right now – I’m just dipping my toes in it. It’s a great way to come up with new craft ideas, food recipes, design inspirations and more!

Last week I made this:

It’s a creation made with melted crayons (pictured: before, during and after)! I put my own twist on it, making a chevron design. You can see a “how to” here:

A lot of people come up with other cool designs or it’s even neat when it’s simply a rainbow!

My friend decided to do a couple under an umbrella, it came out great! She traced an image she found online, and then painted it in – simple and it looks amazing!

It was a fun (but a little tedious) thing to do with friends, and the kids would love it too! You practically can’t mess it up – but it does get messy so be prepared with something underneath. All you need is a pack of crayons, a canvas, maybe some painters tape, a hot glue gun, a piece of cardboard and a blow dryer!


Have fun, and PINTEREST away!