Oh Sandy!

October 29, 2012

Say what you will about the impending storm Sandy, but when I walked into Wegman’s last night and this was the scene – I started to take it very seriously.

No more water at Wegmans! And the ice was flying off the shelf too!

So I started to think… “Maybe I shouldn’t buy any freezer items tonight, just in case…” or “Why don’t people just buy juice instead?”

Reality is, if the power is out, and you have a house full of kids – I’m hoping you’re prepared! Water, flashlights, candles, food, batteries, and maybe even some board games too… but what else would a person need? Me, I’d need a fully charged Nook, phone and computer – because surviving with no power can’t happen without hourly updates from friends on Facebook.

No matter what happens, be careful out there everyone! If you’re driving, be cautious. Trees will be down, we’re expecting a ton of rain, power may be out and the wind will be strong.