Now That Warm Weather is FINALLY Here, Learn How to Manage Allergies Naturally

Posted by Lauren the Web Girl on May 27, 2014

It seems like the warm weather is finally here to stay, which means that (unfortunately) your allergies probably aren’t going anywhere either. If you’re coughing, sniffling, and sneezing your way through the end of May, here are some tips that may bring you some quick relief:

Use a Neti pot

They look scary, I know, but trust me, a Neti pot or other type of sinus rinse may be exactly what you need if you’re dealing with allergies and sinus issues. It cleans out your nasal passages, getting rid of allergens, mucus, and other unwanted stuff with it. They’re inexpensive and can be purchased at the drug store or grocery store. You can buy premixed rinse kits, or can create your own mixture using boiled or distilled water (never unfiltered water) and a little bit of salt.

Saline spray

If you just can’t get comfortable with the idea of a Neti pot, it’s okay. Saline spray delivers much of the same relief in a less complex way. Though not quite as effective as Neti pots or other sinus rinses, saline spray can definitely provide relief for allergy sufferers.


Air conditioners and dehumidifiers help to keep mildew and mold from growing in your home, thus cutting down on the allergies that develop as a result.


It may seem too easy to be true, but taking a shower after you’ve spent time outside (particularly when gardening) can help provide you with relief from allergy symptoms. As soon as you get inside, take a shower and drop the clothes you were wearing in the wash. This will help to stop pollen and other allergens from spreading throughout your house.

What other strategies do you use to keep your allergy symptoms to a minimum as the weather heats up? Let us know in the comments!