New School Year = A Fresh Start

Posted by Melissa Midgley on August 15, 2011

I often think that one of the reasons I became a teacher is due to my love for new, fresh school supplies. I was always the kid who couldn’t wait to run to the store with my supply list and get everything color coded and organized for the first day of school.  Now as a teacher, I still find excitement in buying new school supplies to have for the first day of school. I run to the store trying to think of a new and fun theme for the year and buy as many things to go with that theme as possible. This year I have chosen Hello Kitty. I have pencils, notebooks, folders, binders and duct tape to go along with the theme.  I also take advantage of the great sales this time of year. I keep a mini store in my classroom for students to go to if they run low or are in need of some new materials as the year moves on. Some people consider New Year’s to be their fresh start; others may use their birthday as a new start to a new year. I have always marked a fresh start and New Year with the beginning of the school year. I wish all of you the best, even if you are not in school mode, as the New Year begins!