My Wreath is Decorated!

December 04, 2012

So very proud of my wreath this year! Usually I buy a pre-decorated wreath for $20+ but this year I decided to mix it up! I went to the farmers market on Saturday and picked up a simple undecorated wreath for $6. I got it home as my “Saturday project” and looked at it for hours thinking “what the heck am I going to do with this?”. I had some glittery tree bulbs already, and started gluing them on. It wasn’t doing it for me though, so I ripped them off and then had an epiphany! I wrapped my collection of vintage necklaces around it, and hot glued some extra pearls throughout to make this masterpiece! Simple, easy and FREE!


How do you decorate your wreath every year, or do you buy an already decorated one? I’m a fan of both, but especially proud of coming up with the idea on my own. It deserves it’s own Pinterest post!

(Also featured in the picture my handsome cat, and one of a series of holiday decoration banners I made this year with scrap booking paper, twine and pearls!)