My thoughts about Dick Clark

Posted by Big Mike on April 19, 2012

In England a TV host is called a presenter, and Dick Clark was just that.  An SU grad and one-time Syracuse radio d.j., he was not a performer nor an artist. His talent was being the host.  A presenter.  He seemed like someone you could trust and he always seemed to sincerely appreciate the talents of those he presented and he never got in the way. For over sixty years he never dressed in trendy fashions and wore the same kind of bland conservative suit and tie. He didn’t grow a beard or mustache or outrageous hair. He didn’t tell jokes, never tried to be a wise guy, never said anything profound nor offensive. I suppose he did not want to compete with the performers he was presenting and he sure did know how to move things along, even into his 80s.  It seemed that the show was always more important than he was. He had an enormous talent in being so consistent and restrained. A great emcee. He was one of a kind, and in the final analysis he was a class act.