Mike Ellis Had A Weird Dream and Was Late To Work!

Posted by Big Mike on July 18, 2012

  Mike Ellis has been my weather guy for almost 11 years and does an outstanding job.  He’s smart, his forecasts are accurate, he works hard every day, and is one of the nicest men on the planet (as you can tell by listening to him every morning).  In all the years I’ve been working with him he is most consistent, wakes up every day by 2AM, grabs coffee and a donut and gets in to his weather office by 3AM.  He has never been late, except for just one time. And that one time happened yesterday morning when he arrived at 6:15, frazzled.  He couldn’t believe what happened to him.  He told me that during the night he had a vivid dream where he told himself it was actually Saturday and he better turn off his alarm so it wouldn’t wake him and he could sleep.  So that’s what he did.  He was sound asleep thinking it was the weekend until he got up to answer “nature’s call” at 5:20, and while he was in the bathroom he started to think more clearly and realized it was actually TUESDAY AND WHAT WAS HE DOING HOME!!! Hard to believe that he still managed to get in by 6:15 … Well, Mike loves talking about the weather and yesterday EVERYONE was doing just that as our temperature hit 101 degrees.  It’s funny to think on that one big weather day Mike Ellis was a little late joining the conversation!