Make the Most of Easter with These Fun, Easy Crafts

Posted by Lauren the Web Girl on April 14, 2014

With Easter almost upon us, we can’t help but feel a little crafty. But we’re not looking for a major time commitment or mess either.  If you want to celebrate the holiday without dealing with the aftermath of art projects gone awry too, you’ll love a few of these Easter-themed projects we’ve spotted online:

Make bunny themed treatsTake frosting bags and fill them up with goldfish crackers, then tie them up with green ribbon. Done! A carrot-shaped snack that’s perfect for the Easter bunny and still delicious to munch on in between Easter egg hunts. 

Throw an Easter egg tea party: Colorful, plastic Easter eggs are easy to come by these days, so use them to create a fun and festive tea party with little ones. Split the plastic eggs in half, then glue a button onto the bottom of each half so they stand up on their own. Add on a cardboard handle and you have a teacup. Then get kids in on the fun by having them select glitter, paint, and other decorations to personalize their teacups. Once the decorating is over, sit down and have an elegant tea party. Fun, fancy hats encouraged.

Make Easter egg cookies: Grab some store-bought dough, frosting, cookie cutters in the shape of Easter eggs, and sprinkles and let kids get to work decorating their own cookies just for the holiday. Make sure to invest in plenty of pastel shades. You can serve the cookies during your tea party, or distribute them to other people in your neighborhood to help celebrate the day.

Mix up traditional egg decorating: While we all know about dipping eggs in colored dyes, there are plenty of other unique ways to decorate eggs this Easter. Try a few of these creative decorating techniques. We love the idea of turning Easter eggs into mini chalkboards so kids can write holiday-themed messages on them. Coat the eggs in a layer of chalkboard paint, then get writing. If you get tired of the message, erase it and start all over again! 

What fun, crafty ways will you be celebrating the holiday this year?