Happy Fall

Posted by Melissa Midgley on October 02, 2011

This is my absolute favorite time of year. All of the beautiful colors that we can see in nature, the crisp cool fall air, baseball playoffs (Go St. Louis), the mouth watering smells of home cooked meals and the introduction of fleece and flannel for cuddle times on my couch. I love sitting on my couch under the warm knitted blanket that my mom made for me with a good book, warm cup of vanilla almond tea, Mira and Max. However, with fall comes some major food temptations for me. I love sweets and comfort foods this time of year. Warm baked apples, anything with pumpkin, pasta, homemade soups with warm Italian crusty bread, I am going to need some strong will power to not give into my cravings and stay strong on my new healthy eating lifestyle! To help curb my daily temptations I have made a few new goals for myself: get to a total weight loss of 50 pounds (only 5 pounds away) and to slowly begin to train for a race next spring. I NEVER thought the words run in a race would ever be something I would want to do or something I was driven to accomplish, but here we are.  Paige’s Butterfly Run, which is held in June as part of the Taste of Syracuse, is the race I hope to get in shape for. I am clueless on how to being the process of training for something like this, but I am lucky to have some co-workers and friends who are experts in this area!  My goal will be just to finish and as the years go on I hope to continue to race and beat my previous time.  Hopefully setting both of these goals will keep me on track to avoid the yummy treats that tempt all of us from now until January! Enjoy this beautiful season everyone!