Guilt Free Summer Treat

Posted by Melissa Midgley on August 03, 2011

Hi everyone I thought I would share this GREAT summer treat that I find myself enjoying each night. I’ve recently lost 40 pounds and have totally change my lifestyle and how I eat, but let’s be honest there are just some things we cannot live without.. For me that something is desserts. I put this one together and believe it or not it is filling, yummy and not loaded with fat, calories or sodium. It’s a lighter version of something we all enjoy. Try it out, I have found that people of all ages love it! Let me know how it goes over if you do try it.
CoCo Pops (you can buy these at Wegmans, they are saucer shaped multigrain pop cakes usually found near the organic section)
Cool Whip
Fresh Fruit
Layer the Cool Whip on the CoCo Pop and top with fresh fruit, easy and so yummy.

Here are a few spins that I found just as tasty but these have a few more calories.
Drizzle chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, jelly or chopped nuts on top of the fruit. I also enjoy using Lemon Curd to make mini lemon pies. Use the lemon curd I in place of the fruit.

My favorite is the chocolate, peanut butter and banana pop.
Layer some peanut butter on the coco pop the place some cut up bananas and drizzle with chocolate.