Green, Red, White, and Blue

March 09, 2013

Hello again from the weekend guy, and I’m getting a bit whimsical as I watch people dressed in green heading to the St. Patrick’s parade.  It reminds me of the many I’ve attended through the years, some on typical March afternoons (rain, sleet, snow, wind) and others on days like today, with lots of sun and not a cloud in the sky. 

Personally, I do not have Irish blood running through me, but my wife does.  Syracuse’s West Side has a long history rich with the Irish culture, and green isn’t just a color, its a statement.  Just take a look at the upside-down traffic light and recall the tale of the Stone Throwers to realize our Irish roots run deep. 

While I take note to recognize the Irish today, we in Syracuse are now representative of many different cultures.  Our friends and neighbors now represent a wide swath of cultures and people, further adding to the tapestry that makes up our community.  Today we feature a parade down Salina Street, but on any summer weekend, you can attend any one of a number of festivals that feature food, dancing, music, artwork, and religion (or, no religion at all).  I’ve attended many, and can’t say I favor one over the other.   All are unique, interesting, and fun.

Now here’s where I get a bit patriotic.  The reason for all of this, being able to openly assemble and celebrate and speak freely,  is because of the great country where we live.  We’re free to gather and celebrate our similarities, and what makes us unique.  Today, being unique means wearing a green hat or glasses, raising a glass in a toast, or talking proudly about where you’re from. 

It makes me proud to live in Syracuse, USA.