Active Rest

Posted by Big Mike on September 24, 2011

New research from Stanford University found multi-tasking doesn’t save time – we actually lose
focus and concentration when juggling more than one job at a time. “Studies
show that our brain can’t keep attention on many things at once,” psychologist
Dr Suzy Green says.  She adds that the opposite of multi-tasking,  concentrating on one thing at a time
has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate. “We may be great at
multi-tasking, but it isn’t always beneficial. The ability to focus on one thing in the present is good for
your mental health.”

Well, if focusing on one thing is good, maybe focusing on nothing
could even be better! Clear the mind …. Reboot your brain!

So what should you do?

Active Rest … athletes do this during training to physically recover from the stresses of training and
competing.  It’s easy, low-intensity exercise that is actually a part of many training plans.  Well, how about “active rest” for your brain?

Complete Active Rest allows you to rejuvenate.

Turn off your cell phone, the computer, the internet, facebook, twitter and everything that requires mental activity. Take a nap,
watch a mindless game show (like The Price Is Right), lie on the couch, listen to music (Sunny102), sit on a park bench,
people watch, meditate. Can you do that for an entire day?  Or an entire weekend??

I work with people who are stressed doing a few jobs at once.  I always thought it could be bad for their mental health, but now it seems not so good for their overall health either.

Take it easy, relax,  rest ……