A “Nutty” Lawsuit

Posted by Lauren the Web Girl on August 10, 2011

Recently I posted this article on our Facebook page about a woman suing the makers of Nutella. She’s suing because she believes Nutella’s advertising and branding led her to (falsely) believe the product was a healthy choice for her 4-year-old daughter’s daily breakfast. The article got lots of reaction from our listeners. Many people thought the woman was crazy for suing over something like this. Other people thought any lawyer who would take on such a suit must be irresponsible. Then we have my favorite comment, “Sounds like the woman has something in common with the product’s name.”  I agree with all of these thoughts. This story was interesting to me for a few reasons:

1.)    Did this woman really, truly not know how to read the ingredients and/or nutrition label on the back of the package? If that’s the case, then that’s pretty sad.

2.)    It’s strange that she never stopped to think, “Hmm…this food tastes exactly like a candy bar. There’s no way they created a spread that tastes just like a candy bar but doesn’t have the calories and fat of a candy bar.” Come on! If Nutella tasted the way it does but was truly a healthy food choice, grocery stores wouldn’t be able to keep it on the shelves.

3.)    Why is she blaming other people for her own mistake? If I did something like this I would be so embarrassed! I wouldn’t want the entire country to know that I didn’t know how to read a nutrition label! Or that I didn’t know what Nutella is… that’s just a tragedy.

4.)    What lawyer would agree to take this case on? Who would do all the legwork involved in making this case happen and say, “I think this lady has a shot. How was she supposed to know that Nutella wasn’t a nutritious breakfast food!? We need to bring the makers of Nutella down!”

This story also makes me think that you should need a license to be a parent. You need a license to drive a car. You need a license to drive a motorcycle. You should definitely need a license to shape someone else’s life. Or feed them Nutella for breakfast every day. Either way.

What do you think? Post a comment and let me know!