25 Random Things About Me…

Posted by Melissa Midgley on May 01, 2012

1. My Favorite Colors are blue, green and brown.
2. I love the St. Louis Cardinals!
3. I often wonder what life was like before cell phones.
4. I have tried for years to understand football with no luck; I think I have a brain block.
5. My favorite food combination is chocolate and peanut butter.
6. I am a die hard romantic!
7. I have seen Billy Joel over 10 times.
8. The greatest moment in my life thus far was walking into my first classroom.
9. I read the works of William Shakespeare for fun.
10. I love all kinds of animals!
11. My family, friends and students mean the world to me.
12. I am proud of my unique heritage!
13. I love that I teach where I went to school.
14. I think LeMoyne College is the greatest institution on the planet!
15. As a kid I wanted to be a singer or an actress!
16. As a kid I was in love with Michael Jackson, Boy George and Rony Seikaly and I wanted to be Cyndi Lauper.
17. I would love to go to NYC once a month to see a show.
18. I love my life!
19. I have lost over 50 pounds and currently weigh less than when I was a senior in high school!
20. I think my mom, dad, nonna and nonno are the 4 strongest people ever created!
21. I miss my Nonno each day and hope I am making him proud!
22. I love SU basketball!
23. Sunny 102.1 is my favorite radio station.
24. I love being as involved in our local community as possible!
25. I hope to someday meet and talk with Billy Joel!!