The Sunny Superstation!

September 14, 2016

102.1-Sunny102 is working to be your favorite radio station with Central New York’s Greatest Hits and a team of entertaining personalities! Start the day in a good mood with Big Mike & Cindy In The Morning, featuring weather updates by CNY’s best meteorologist Wayne Mahar, news reports by NewsChannel 9’s news director Jim Campagna, sports with ESPN radio’s Seth Goldberg and entertainment highlights from national commentator Jimmy Carter. Then the man known as “Mr. Rock ‘n Roll” Gary Dunes joins Mike & Cindy at 8AM, before he takes the airwaves from 9 to noon, handing the mic over to the bright voice of Diane Wade from noon to 3, followed by NYS Hall of Famer, the one and only (drum roll please) Rick Gary! At 7 the cool Brian Phillips is on the air until the big party known as The Mike Harvey Show starts at 9PM.  On the weekends, veteran Keith Kobland spins the greatest hits, and you can also enjoy American Top 40 shows from the 70s (on Saturday mornings) and the 80s (on Sunday mornings) with the immortal Casey Kasem.  On Saturday morning at 6AM it’s The Beatle Years with Bob Malik, and Sunday morning at 6AM it’s Gary Dennis interviewing local celebrities for community causes. We do it all for you and we sincerely hope you enjoy … and as always, thanks for listening!


Posted by Cindy Humble on June 22, 2016

Hey look – it’s SUMMER! Some of you may have plans for vacation travel, perhaps you’re off to the family camp on one of the local lakes, or are simply going to enjoy a ‘staycation’ to take advantage of just not being at work or school. No matter what it is, a nice change of scenery can do wonders for the soul.

Recently while watching the evening news and seeing the reports of wild fires, flooding and tornadoes it makes me appreciate how fortunate we are here in Central New York. Sure, we have some serious winter weather here, and sure, it tends to last a little longer than we’d like . . . but I’ll take a blizzard over a wild fire any day of the week!

So with that being said; enjoy any and all of your time off – and wear sunscreen 😎 .


Posted by Big Mike on March 23, 2016

A warm greeting to all the new listeners!  Now 102.1 has it all! The Sunny 102 staff is thrilled as great d.j.’s  John Carucci, Gary Dunes, Diane Wade come together with Rick Gary, Big Mike & Cindy to create a “super station” playing Central New York’s Greatest Hits! Great music, good memories and future fun times … Listen live at 102.1, or on line here, or with the Sunny 102 app. Thank you for joining us. Welcome and enjoy!

Look Up!

Posted by Cindy Humble on January 28, 2016

On a recent clear crisp 12 degree morning somewhere around 4:30 a.m. I was outside with my dog as part of my morning routine before heading in to work. I looked up in the sky and noticed a few stars that were much brighter than any others. I remembered that right now for the first time since January 2005 we’re able to see 5 planets stretched across the early pre-dawn sky simply by looking up. The five bright visible planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – and we should be able to see them until sometime around February 20, 2016. Pretty cool. I have to admit I love looking at the stars. Every time there’s a night sky loaded with stars I’m completely awe-struck. Same goes for a starless sky with a great big full moon, or with a moon in any phase – the crescent moon is a particular favorite. I love that stuff.

Don’t forget to look up every now and then . . .


Best Picture of 2015

Posted by Big Mike on January 16, 2016

A few thoughts about my favorite movie of 2015, Inside Out. Throughout the movie I was smiling and nodding because I know the character so well. Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust. These characters are the emotions inside Riley’s personality, who is an 11 year old girl, and inside me, and inside you too. Those brilliant Pixar writers consulted with a number of psychologists to show how these inner emotions control our relationships with others. Just like Toy Story and Up, I found myself laughing and a moment later choking up. Inside Out is nominated in the Best Animated category, not nominated for Best Picture. Sad.